APP: Head in the skies, feet on the ground



The whole world under our feet…. and following in the footsteps of the inane and insane masters.

I’ve just made an app. It’s selling like hot cakes. The app has many apps, coloured for your convenience. Collectively functions as your Co-Runner to help you Run Your World. Let’s do it together – hand in hand, feet to feet, heart to heart, shoulder to shoulder, side by side, eye for eye, tooth for tooth, cheesecake for cupcake. You can download it from the Apple Store once I finish negotiating the fine print with Apple. Or you can just slip it on, like you do Five Fingers shoes, with the apps caressing the different parts of your sole and soul (if you had any?). It’s up to you. So very flexible and versatile, all my designs always are. So natural too. Just like the five fingers, as if you’re not really ‘wearing it’. Remove it, though, and you will feel naked, vulnerable, sad. Just warning you about the side-effects. All good things in life have a catch. But this one’s worth it. Cos you’re worth it (are you?) (aren’t you?)



advisor, expert panel member, focus group member; volunteer and other public engagement

My work as an artist and educator has resulted in my appointments in positions of planning, policy- and decision-making. At the same time, I also work at grassroots level, by contributing to the community and often in areas that overlap with my own art research. These means of public engagement have trained me to be comfortable to deal with people from all walks of life. Photographing the energetic and enthusiastic kids in South London as a volunteer, for instance, has been most fun, uplifting and educational (for me); mingling with high-ranking types has made me familiar with the mechanisms of art and government policies. And elegant ways to speak/eat (or rather, not speak when eating, and not eat too much) (in their presence).