→ Social media links: TwitterSaatchi Art, Academia.eduLinkedinVimeo, Prezi.

→ 15-minute 2013 video essay 20 ways Running Can Change Your World.

→ Extract from public permanent video installation at the Bras Basah Station in the Arts and Heritage District in Singapore commissioned by the Land Transport Authority Singapore, and Youtube channel of films 2009-2013.

→ 2014 February slideshow for UCL Art Museum-commissioned performance-lecture, and Prezi channel of non-linear slides for teaching and other performance-lectures.

→ 2014 February UCL Art Museum interview on running as a creative practice.

→ Buy Kai’s digital collage exhibited at the 2012 Olympic Games-inspired exhibition at Connaught Brown gallery London UK as Singapore representative.

→ 2010 article on Kai as featured artist at ArtSingapore.

→ 2010 interview with Dr Fabian Neuhaus on running and time.

→ 2011 Leonardo New Media Exhibition 

→ 2009-2013 Practice-related Fine Art PhD at Slade School of Fine Art overview

Biggs, S. 2008. New Media: The First Word in Art?

→ 2008 text about film Monster in peer-reviewed journal Cultural Critique Vol. 80, (Winter 2012), pp. 105-107, published by: University of Minnesota Press, and as seen on JSTOR.  

→ 2008 film Monster on technology and obsession. Premiered at a history conference on Oxford University.

→ 2007 interview in Documenta magazine on art in Singapore. 

→ 2007 interview about art in Singapore.

→ 2006 short film submitted for the travelling moving images showcase, Femlink, on the theme Resistance.

→ 2005 interview with Susanne Messmer on Culturebase.

→ 2004 article by Professor Jan Uhde on Singapore Cinema 

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