RUNCHAT: interview on-the-run with Live Marianne Noven


Live (what a fab [real] name!!!) is a theatre specialist currently doing her BA at the Aberystwyth University (it cannot be easy to be Welsh, or be a dyslexic Welsh, having to swim your way through so many consonants….I’d need more time to fill up forms too.). A keen runner, Live aims to synthesis running with her performative work, and wants to put up a piece for her final year show in May. Exciting!! At the meantime, she is filming/interviewing people who run. I was one of them. This took place at Regents Park, just after a shower (not me/her/us, but by god or rather Mother Nature or just plain fracking good old Nature or rather nature). (Check out my suave moves and running pace of about 1 cm per hour, and boasting about how running demands ‘no technique’ to justify my own wobblycrappy technique or lack thereof). Live travelled 10 hours both ways from Wales, via train, to be in London… A trip I may take to see her work. And to see the work of one of her profs, Dr Andrew Filmer, who researches performativity and running  – and walks the talk or rather runs the talk by making/co-ercing/forcing his students to run. Nice. I must rope him in for my New Interdisciplinary Research School Of Running that I am setting up in Runswick Bay (grand opening: 2084).

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