Screen Shot 2014-06-19 at 20.42.11Which are the films/videos that are running-inspired/related/centred? How do moving images convey/document/reflect/re-present running (as compared to still images)? How do these works mobilise running as subject matter/approach? This was the playlist for single-screen film exhibition at the  #r3fest 2014.  This is a screenshot of the playlist, which consists of:

  1. Matan Rochlitz, Ivo Gormley. 2013. The Runners. 11’08”.
  2. Eadweard Muybridge. 1887. Cat Running. 0’2”.
  3. Nature Video. 2010. The Barefoot Professor. 6’16”.
  4. Carali McCall. 2014. Work no. 4 (Restraint/Running) Back Hill. Performance to camera with sound. Farringdon, London. 5’40″.
  5. Tom Tykwer. 1998. Run Lola Run trailer. 1’27”.
  6. ABC Australia. 2004. The Monks Risking Death On an Extraordinary Journey. 19’47”.
  7. Tristan Meecham. 2013. Fun Run. 10’49″.
  8. Thierry Geoffroy/Critical Run. 2011. What Are The Emergencies Today? 7’02”.
  9. Creative Wales Award. 2010/2011. 3’33”.
  10. Tony Richardson. 1962. The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner trailer. 3’09”.
  11. Kai Syng Tan. 2013. 20 Ways Running Can Change Your World trailer. 5’44”.
  12. Mikey Trotter. 2013. Little Black Dress Run. 3’09”. Featuring Dr Russell Hitchings.
  13. Salomon. 2013. Why We Run. 5’38”.
  14. Highgate Harriers. 2014. Night of the 10,000m PBs Saturday 10th May 2014.
  15. Philip Tan. 2014. Veterbrae. 6’24″.
  16. Tateshots. 2008. Martin Creed Work No. 850. 4’46”.
  17. Lloyd Belcher Visuals. 2013. The Most Beautiful Thing. 8’13”. Featuring Mr Paviter Singh.
  18. Live Marianne Noven. 2014. Week 3: Running with Eddie Ladd. 4’17”.
  19. Jerry Rothwell. 2012. Town of Runners Trailer. 2’12”.
  20. NVA. 2013. Speed of Light Ruhr. 3’03”.
  21. Blast Theory. 2005. Can You See Me Now Tokyo. 1’24”.
  22. Sterling Noren. 2010. The Super Athletes of Sierra Madre. 9’16”.
  23. Benjamin Heisenberg. 2010. The Robber. 1’49″.
  24. Ann Grove-White 20.12.52. 8’02″.
  25. Alan Latham. 2008. The Zen of Running. 41’31”.
  26. Sam Pillsbury. 1980. The Greatest Run on Earth. 24′

I am also sharing here 2 clips. The first is the first part of a 1980 documentary The Greatest Run on Earth by Sam Pillsbury. This film is important in helping people worldwide to understand – and remember – New Zealand’s seminal contribution to the running boom today. You can visit NZ On Screen to watch this and other films.

The second is Dr Alan Latham’s 2008 lecture The Zen of Running. This well-turned-up talk, which was also covered in the Independent, is important in shooting down some of the popular misconceptions I am grateful to UCL Lunch Hour Lectures for permitting us to share the clip.

UCL Lunchtime Lecture 21 October 2008: The Zen of Running by Alan Latham from kaisyngtan on Vimeo.

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