Lois Bentley, an access student and volunteer for the Biennale from Leeds College of Art who has a wealth of experience in her previous life in the healthcare sector and governance.

RUN! RUN! RUN! Biennale 2016 would not have been possible without the support of: 

  • Sponsor: Leeds College of Art
  • Site sponsor: University College London Department of Geography, Cardiff School of Sport
  • Curators and Producers: Dr Kai Syng Tan FRSA, Annie Grove-White, Dr Carali McCall (RUN! RUN! RUN! International Body for Research)

LEEDS LEG (21 November discussion)

  • Leeds College of Art:
    • Professor Randall Whittaker, Director of Studies
    • Dr Sam Broadhead, Head of Research
    • Yasmine Coggins, Administration
    • Finance Department, Helen Deacon and team
    • Andrew Craske, Head of Marketing and team
    • Sharon Bainbridge: Gallery tour
    • Kaitlyn Badger, Student Union
    • Ross Williams, Photography Department
    • Paul Bennett-Todd, Photography Department
    • Amanda Noble, HR
    • Matthew Burton, audio-visual
  •  Student volunteers:
    • Olivia Fowler (Photography): Photography
    • Deborah Turk (Access) Hospitality
    • Lois Bentley (Access) Hospitality and Transcription (pictured)
    • Julie Frein (Visual Communications): Hospitality, video camera
  • Reviewer: Dr Dave Hindley, Senior Lecturer in Sport Education, Nottingham Trent University
  • Tweeter: Richard Wright, community engagement expert
  • Participants:
    • Sarah Brown
    • Dr Debbie Lisle
    • Dr Karen Throsby
    • Dr Lisa Stansbie
    • Dr Doug Sandle
    • Stephanie Case

LONDON LEG (23 November Screening)

  • Chair: Dr. Alan Latham
  • Tweeter: Anson MacKay
  • Reviewer: Dr Matti Tainio, Research Fellow, Aalto University, School of Arts, Design and Architecture
  • Participants and respondents:
    • Jo Volley
    • Jennifer Cirone
    • Carli Foster
    • Veronique Chance
    • Jenny Baines
    • Joe King
    • Headway East London’s Deputy Director Ben Graham and member Dean

CARDIFF LEG (24 November Live Art)

  • Cardiff School of Sport:
    • Professor Richard Tong
    • Dr Isabel (Izzy) Moore
    • Dr Marianne Gittoes
    • Owen (Facilities)
  • Chair: Dr Andrew Filmer
  • Participants:
    • Anna Brazier
    • Catrin Kean
    • Eddie Ladd
    • Amelia Johnstone
  •  Assistance
    •  Alex Priestley (video)
    • Phil Martin (photography)


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