A day of artworks, films, papers, performances, debates, and hands-on or rather feet-on activities about running, by runners, for runners – as well as non-runners, sceptics, and everyone else from all walks of life (and those who prefer to sit on the fence).  
26 June 2014 Thursday 10am – 6pm
Slade Research Centre, Woburn Square, London WC1H 0AB, UK.
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Run Run Run! An International Festival of Running 1.0 is a not-the-run-of-the-mill cross-disciplinary event that will welcome more than 40 researchers and practitioners from all over the world (Milan, Melbourne, Grenoble, Glasgow, Vancouver, Venezuela, Lethbridge, Lancashire, Ljubljana, Singapore, Oxford, et al) from a wide range of fields (biomechanics, fine art, performance, community involvement, psychiatry, kinesiology, theatre, history, medicine, museum studies et al). Through papers, films, artworks, ‘live’ performances, debates, running tours and workshops, we will celebrate and critique everything about running, work through the different ways we can talk and think about running and activate running as a toolkit through which we may gain an insight into the critical issues of today.


*Not one but two keynote speakers: Dr Hayden Lorimer (University of Glasgow) and Professor Gregg Whelan/Lone Twin (Falmouth University)!

*‘Show & Touch’ by paleoanthropologist Dr Matthew Skinner and Ms Gemma Price: of a fossil cast of a 2-million year old early human runner which can serve to remind us, amidst the ‘Nike-fication’/ commodification of running today, of how it all began.

*8-minute ‘Talk Fests’ by expert sports medic Dr Courtney Kipps (London Marathon, Team GB 2012 Olympics & Paralympics et al), artist Ms Jo Volley (who likes to pick up oak apples when she runs and then magically transforms them into ink that she uses in her paintings) and Streetscape (an award-winning landscaping social enterprise for young people that has arisen from founder Guy Watts’ passion for long distance running).

*‘Film Fest’ by Mr Ivo Gormley: Screening of hit film The Runners (Sheffield Doc Fest; Open City Docs Fest et al) and chat about Goodgym (a group of runners who ‘get fit by doing good’).

* ‘Running London Tours’ by Dr Kris Grint/Bentham Project (through the thrilling West End on the ‘pre-prandial circumgyrations’ of philosopher Jeremy Bentham back in the 1820’s) and Mr Richard Wright (community involvement specialist on social transformation in Bloomsbury).

* Hands-on or rather ‘Feet-On Workshops’ run by Collectif Totem, a group of researchers in the fields of Geography, Sociology, Planning and Architecture who have come all the way from Grenoble and Milan, and Dr Andrew Filmer, who hails from Aberystwyth (and Sydney).

*‘Live’ performance of Run To Draw by Amelia Johnstone and Peter Hathaway, which demonstrates how running can allow us to re-claim fun and be creative.

*A ‘Museum Of Running’ by the Walking or rather Running Encyclopaedia of Running and Curator of Run Run Run! itself, Dr Alan Latham, which showcases vintage Nike running shoes and classic Runners’ World magazines from the 1970′s.

This event is supported by University College London (UCL) Joint Faculty Institute of Graduate Studies, UCL Geography and the Slade School of Fine Art, with additional support from Highgate Harriers Athletics and Cross Country Running Club and AHRC/University of Falmouth. Dr Alan Latham (Senior Lecturer, UCL Geography) and Dr Kai Syng Tan (artist-researcher), are its Founders and Curators, while Ms Jo Volley (Senior Lecturer, Slade School of Fine Art) is its Artistic Advisor.

Please contact Kai: kai [at] kaisyngtan [dot] com.


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