2018 update: Thank you for your wonderful responses to the call for this anthology! We have received an outpouring of support. Carali, Annie and Kai, curators of #r3fest 2016, are working on getting the resources (time, finances, access to publishers) to get the next step up and running. We thank you for your patience. At the meantime, if you are keen to join the call with an idea, or have inroads to possibilities, please write to Kai at    

Are you an artist, academic, accountant, astronaut and/or runner or a running-curious?

Do you ‘use’ running in your art installation/theatre/sonic art work/critical text/research/daily life/etc as methodology/metaphor/material or any ‘unusual’ manner, either directly or indirectly?

Are you interested to create a new work (or reconfigure existing work) into  4-5 pages using images and/or text?

If so, please hit reply below (please note that this will be public) and tell us in no more than 300 words about yourself, your interest in running and what you intend to do. You may include with links to your website, existing portfolio and 2 image that you have uploaded online. (Alternatively, you may write to Kai at, up to 2 images, or even an sketch of what you intend to do – ensure that the file size are no more than 1MB each image please).

We are looking at putting together an anthology circa 2019/2020, of text and images on running as metaphor and methodology, with possible chapters on:

*running + body 

*running + gender

*running + city 

*running + borders

*running + ageing 

*running + imagination

If you’d have any suggestions and so on in terms of chapter headings, or who else to reach out to as participants or publishers, please let us know. We look forward to hearing from you by 1 March 2017 4pm.

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