GIG: 23 April: My 1-woman stand-up/running show/running joke: ON RUNNING (LONDON), HAPPINESS AND PLAYING AMBASSADOR OF PLATFORM 9 ¾


BOOK HERE TO ATTEND. Sensingsite: Materialising Site. Lethaby Gallery, Central St Martins N1C 4AA. My performance is the last, at 3:15pm. So let’s keep it short and sweet. 

Love London but feel lost? Fancy flanuering and dériving – but getting a tad tired of walking? Had enough of the 10,000 CCTVs shadowing your every move? Sick of being seen as an Other? Run out of ideas to fend off sexual harassment?? Refuse to toe the party-line or to take things lying down? Tried sit-ins and walk-outs – but need something more poetic? Curious about parkour and skateboarding as urban tactics to re-assert your autonomy, but not fit enough? Come join me in this stand-up – or rather, running – 1-woman show. Let merun through the ways in which running can empower you to feel a sense of ownership of London. Along the way, I will share a few secrets about being undercover as ‘Nondon’ Ambassador during the 2012 Olympics, happiness – and Platform 9¾. Perhaps I will also touch on mortality/ageing, as this will be 1 day before my birthday…