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The roaring / stomping / sweaty success of the RUN! RUN! RUN! International Festival of Running 1.0 has kick-started the establishment of the interdisciplinary Running Cultures Research GroupMembers include leading scholars on running such as Dr Alan Latham (UCL), Professor Hayden Lorimer (Glasgow), Dr Andrew Filmer (Aberystwyth) and Professor Gregg Whelan (Falmouth, AHRC Creative Fellow). Sign up on the mailing list now to join academics, artists, runners, anti-runners and every body from all walks of life to share / critique / celebrate / fight over issues / news / discourses / research / practices and all other aspects of running.

IMG_7369Artist, runner, Slade senior researcher Jo Volley talks about how running inspires her art at the RUN! RUN! RUN! International Festival of Running 1.0 (Slade Research Centre 26 June 2014). Photo by Robin Kang.

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