RUNDOWN: I am hyperactive by default and design. I refuse to stay still or stay in my/one place. Where there are ceilings/walls/labyrinths, where places are inaccessible, or where I am / my kind are disallowed, I trespass/mock/knock my way through, so that others can join and run riot with me. Why be/do one thing or adhere only to one school of thought when you can be many, a chimera, a monstrous, glorious Octopussy? My tentacles are everywhere. My mind is full. I mobilise /activate my body and mind in motion and commotion as a form of creative and critical intervention and interrogation of and amid a place (often urban) or world in motion and commotion. I trespass boundaries/borders/silos (disciplinary/cultural/geopolitical/neuro-normativity and more). The approach is ill-disciplined, playful, mind-full, and artful, in productive antagonisms with other bodies and minds. This restlessness is existential, political, neurological (some say clinical), personal, professional.

INTERTEXTUALITY + INTERPRETATIONS + INTERSECTIONS: Come roam with me within and beyond this website:

Caption: From Missing In Action. Performance-photographic series (Kai Syng Tan 2017, photograph by Enamul Hoque)