COMMISSION: On the inversion of power, giggling, throwing tantrums and having unadulterated fun fun fun. Urban intervention – cum social- and-curatorial practice #Antiadultrunrunrun Masterclass by kids (7-14) teaching adults (top age 82) how to play. ANTI Festival Commission, Kuopio, Finland 2015. Co-created with kids across 2 workshops. With Alan Latham.

TOUR: A performance-lecture of this was later delivered at Royal Geographical Society’s Annual Conference.

Caption: #Antiadultrun: Masterclass by kids (7-14 years old) teaching adults (top age 82) how to run, play and have fun. Commissioned by ANTI Festival of Contemporary Art, Kuopio, Finland. Cropped photo from an original by Pekka Mäkinen 2015.