Here are news, updates and gigs. For live feeds, follow my Instagram here and Twitter here and here (as of October 2023, I have left Musk’s X). See here for latest/ongoing inquiries, interventions and more. Email to book. What I charge for my labour depends on your EDI policy record proven and sustained action (and not just since 2020 when declarations of anti-racism became ‘on trend’).


  • JULY: New performance-lecture, at book launch for my monograph Neuro-Futurism and Re-Imagining Leadership: An A-Z Towards Collective Liberation which is under contract with Springer Nature/Palgrave Macmillan. My book will introduce ‘Neuro-Futurising Leadership’ as a heuristic praxis for individuals, collectives and institutions to re-imagine a better future, by re-configuring neurodiversity as a mobile, creative leadership strategy.
  • NOVEMBER: Keynote lecture at Conference at UniArts Helsinki, with Research in Arts and Education Journal and International Disability Studies Arts and Education Network. Invited by Dr Tim Smith, member of the 420-member global Neurodiversity In/& Creative Research Network which I set up, as part of his research project, Artis­tic Processes of Uni­ver­sity Art Stu­dents Self-Iden­ti­fy­ing Along the Neu­ro­di­ver­sity Spec­trum (which seeks to learn about the neurodiversity experience of students’ engagement with artistic thinking within their artistic processes). 
  • To continue to work on two other books as co-Editor (A Handbook of Neurodiversity & Creative Research, Routledge c2025) and as Author (Catalysing Change through Artful Leadership, World Scientific c2026)


Apart from my permanent base in Winchester/ Southampton, I will be at a few cities and can make arrangements to come to you too if you are in the region. Email me to book a keynote lecture / seminar / masterclass / portfolio review/ studio visit / discussion / consultation/ mentoring, and more. My rates start from industry standards set by A-N, but will sky-rocket, offered at discount and/or even waived according to your EDI records and action.

  • Monthly: London, UK
  • 06: Belfast, Ireland
  • 11: Helsinki, Finland

Above: Left Feet Forward (digital image, Kai Syng Tan April 2020). Based on performance photograph taken by Enamul Hoque from Mind-wanderer in Action (MIA) series (Kai Syng Tan 2017). Below: Image from a performance-lecture (Kai Syng Tan 2022).