Here are news, updates and gigs. Follow my Instagram here and Twitter here and here for live feeds. See here for latest/ongoing inquiries, interventions and more. Email to book. How much I charge for my labour depends on your EDI policy record proven and sustained action (and not just since 2020 when declarations of anti-racism became ‘on trend’).


  • 02/10/2023: Guest, BBC World Service, The Conversation
  • 04-12/10/2023: Juror, Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival New Asian Currents 
  • 10/2023: Recruitment of an Arts & Cultural Leadership Coordinator to assist me in my new role as Associate Professor in Arts & Cultural Leadership at University of Southampton
  • 11/2023: Invited participant for Round Table in Sheffield. Initiated by members of Artist Working Group who led the campaign to defund the Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art, the Round Tables are a UK and International series of discussions and actions with East and Southeast Asian artists and stakeholders to collectively re-imagine a more equitable art ecology. The Manchester discussion will be significant as the physical location of CFCCA.

2024 onwards

  • Circa Spring 2024: Book launch for my short monograph Neuro-Futurising Leadership: An A-Z With Artful Movers & Shakers for 2050 which is under contract with Springer Nature/Palgrave Macmillan. It should be ready circa Spring 2024. My book will introduce ‘Neuro-Futurising Leadership’ as a heuristic praxis for individuals, collectives and institutions to re-imagine a better future, by re-configuring neurodiversity as a mobile, creative leadership strategy.
  • To continue to work on two other books as co-Editor (A Handbook of Neurodiversity & Creative Research, Routledge c2025) and as Author (Catalysing Change through Artful Leadership, World Scientific c2026)
  • POSTPONED: Invited Scientific Board member, Symposium on theory and praxis of sport.  Coimbra, Portugal.   

Above: Left Feet Forward (digital image, Kai Syng Tan April 2020). Based on performance photograph taken by Enamul Hoque from Mind-wanderer in Action (MIA) series (Kai Syng Tan 2017).