Here are news, updates and gigs. Follow my Twitter here and here for live feeds. See here for latest/ongoing inquiries, interventions and more. Email to book. How much I charge for my labour depends on your EDI policy record proven and sustained action (and not just since 2020 when declarations of anti-racism became ‘on trend’).


  • BOOK: My first monograph NEUROFUTURISM: The A-Z of How to Thrive in 2050 is under contract with Springer Nature/Palgrave Macmillan, and should be ready circa early 2024. My book will introduce ‘Neurofuturism’ as a heuristic praxis for individuals, collectives and institutions to re-imagine a better future, by re-configuring neurodiversity as a mobile, creative leadership strategy.
  • PFHEA: I have been awarded the Principal Fellowship of Higher Education Academy (PFHEA) by Advance HE in December 2022. This is for professionals with sustained records of effective strategic leadership in academic practice and academic development as a key contribution to high quality student learning.
  • RECENT: 28 Sep: Invited Speaker, discussion on philosophy, psychiatry and public mental health, Royal Institute of Philosophy Festival, Home, Manchester UPDATE: I have withdrawn due to non-inclusivity of processes
  • 20 Oct: Invited Speaker, Material Source, Manchester, in panel to discuss neurodiversity. UPDATE: I did not attend as I was recovering from Covid. My film was played which I did grant permission for. However, my work and references such as the case study of Leonardo Da Vinci which I shared on LinkedIn to publicise the event were applied by others. I had also shared materials and learnings with the organisers.
  • 27 October: Invited Masterclass on neurodiversity, University of Cambridge
  • 11 November: University of Salford decolonisation panel discussion led by Dr Jade Munslow Ong
  • 07 December: Invited Convenor and Chair for Round Table in Manchester. Initiated by members of Artist Working Group who led the campaign to defund the Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art, the Round Tables are a UK and International series of discussions and actions with East and Southeast Asian artists and stakeholders to collectively re-imagine a more equitable art ecology. The Manchester discussion will be significant as the physical location of CFCCA.


Above: Left Feet Forward (digital image, Kai Syng Tan April 2020). Based on performance photograph taken by Enamul Hoque from Mind-wanderer in Action (MIA) series (Kai Syng Tan 2017).