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BOOK BOOK: For a talk/keynote, seminar/workshop/masterclass/CPD, portfolio review/studio visit, meeting/consultation/mentoring, commissions/exhibitions/interventions, and more.

RATES: As a freelance artist, my rates follow UK industry standards set by A-N and others as someone with 25 years professional experience. Access is costed, not invisible/miraculously ‘absorbed’* ** *** ****. *My rates will sky-rocket, or offered at discount according to your EDI records and/or if you are from a minoritised / marginalised group. By ‘E’ I am referring to ecstatic equity, not equality. **Since I over-think as a hyperactive busybody with a mind running in overdrive, and am almost space-blind and will get lost physically as a dyspraxic person, this will not come cheap. You have been warned. ***Online/offline rates differ. travel and accommodation are costed. ****I do not work for free. What qualifies as pro bono and voluntary work is my own call.

CAPITALISING CAPITALISM (WHY NOT, IT’S IN MY JEANS/GENES): My tentacles are everywhere, and they mobilise everything and anything: my body, mind, the bodies and minds of other people, the city, images, moving images, words, concepts, other people’s concepts and more. Newer strands include power and money. Shop here for inventorised items. In addition, everything else you can see on this website, and elsewhere, can also be transacted. This includes: drawings, films, art objects (like my #MagicCarpet tapestry + 134 drawings by participants of activities), myself, my views, my thinking, my thinking time, my energy, and my travelling time.

(PRIVATE) EQUITY (DIFFERENT RULES FOR DIFFERENT HERDS): Your money will be redistributed to charities such as Doctors of the World (monthly), Royal National Lifeboat Institution (the ‘taxi service for illegal human trafficking gangs‘), White Helmets (Syria), West End Refugees Services (Newcastle), Wikipedia, Guardian, Pankhurst Centre, MS Trust, Migrant Journal, Headway East London, peers’ participation in marathons, and/or to support my voluntary and pro bono work, which you can read up on here, here and here. Astronomical rates apply if your track record is stinkingly unethical, and/or if you clearly deserve/can afford it. Lower rates available if you are a genuine ally. Pro bono and I’ll go in deep in and all the way if I love/respect what/how you do. I pay tax. Also, prior to getting the Indefinite Leave to Remain in 2020, I have paid the UK Home Office tens and thousands of pounds for ‘premium’ services, ‘special NHS charges’, unwanted flights and stopovers to fit ‘quirky’ [sic] rules, for the whole range of visas (Tier 1 Exceptional Talent [sic], Tier 4 student this, and that, and that, you name it, between 1994-2020 – thank you Theresa May and Priti Patel). While we are at it (I’m on a roll now so don’t stop me), let’s go back further: My father left school at 14 as he couldn’t count + had to hold 3 jobs + the family of five lived in a 1-bedroom flat in prosperous sunny tiger economic miracle island of Singapore + I started to make my own money since I began giving tuition and piano lessons at 17 + gatecrashed into ivory tower and art world of double kissing via three full scholarships from Shell (yes, that Shell) + Singapore government + Japan + UCL.


Above: I think I’ve left my toes at the shop – PhotoShop (Kai Syng Tan 2021, price of digital print, and pink body suit, and Octopussy, on enquiry)