Invited Keynote Lectures, Artists Talk and/or Conferences & Masterclasses as Curator, Chair, Convenor or Presenter. Public speaker/storyteller for >100 global platforms across liberal & creative arts & humanities, psych- & social- sciences, including at Association of American Geographers Annual Conference in Chicago, University of Oxford and Museum of Sydney, & more, often in the mode of a scripted & cinematic performance-lecture. My Masterclasses knock & mock the “Master’s” (sic) dominant narratives, so that with participants, we learn tactics to co-create & celebrate cacophony of new, erased, forgotten, future-facing & other stories to collectively dismantle structures that have housed & supported these dangerous singular stories & other fake news. I have also presented at several of the Royals (Royal Geographical Society, Royal Society of Art, Royal Institute of Philosophy). For my advisory roles, click here. To return to my CV, click here

  1. 2024: Artist’s Talk, Loughborough University, invitation by artist Dr Eleanor Morgan for undergraduate and cultural/design MA.
  2. 2024: Interview with neurodivergent pupils (aged 11-14) of Fairfield High School, Bristol UK, at the invitation of SENDCo and Director of Individual Development Kate Smee. The recorded clip was broadcast during the school assembly.
  3. 2023: Speed-date. With Professor of Psychology and inventor of the term ‘Neuroqueer’, Nick Walker. To join session, sign up onto Neurodiversity In/& Creative Research Network and introduce yourself.
  4. 2023: Discussion, alongside Keisha Thompson (Artistic Director & CEO, Contact Theatre). House of Imagination, Creativity, Arts and Culture in Education: Women in Creative Leadership series. Book tickets here.
  5. 2023: Masterclass. University of Sussex CHASE Knowledge Exchange Hub. How to Thrive in 2050? On neurodiversity and creative knowledge exchange. Book tickets here.
  6. 2022: Workshop on neurodiversity with Tan Chin Hwee (World Economic Forum Young Global Leader, dyslexic disruptor and community leader, plus Trafigura Asia-Pacific CEO) and colleagues of Trafigura in Singapore. Trafigura is the world’s leading commodity trading house, and is part of Trafigura, which has a revenue of US$231 billion in 2021. Says a participant: ‘Thank you for […] generously sharing your knowledge and experience on the topic of neurodiversity.  I found it very informative and insightful. Particularly that we should not be too quick to label or judge, because there is wide variation in the type and severity of symptoms people of all ages, genders, races, ethnicities, and economic backgrounds experience. With this appreciation, we as a family, company, community or nation may be better able to harness this diversity as a strength, rather than a weakness’.
  7. 2022: Keynote. LUCA School of Art, Belgium
  8. 2022: Keynote. Design Management Summer Degree Exhibition, University Arts London (UAL)
  9. 2022: Invited Speaker. Discussion on philosophy, psychiatry and public mental health, Royal Institute of Philosophy Festival, Home, Manchester
  10. 2022: Invited Speaker, discussion on neurodiversity, at Material Source, hybrid Manchester hub for North West’s architecture and design community. More details soon.
  11. 2022: Invited Masterclass on neurodiversity (University of Cambridge). Related conference: “Going Places” with the Spoken Word Community: Youth Education Between Spiritual & Poetic Justice
  12. 2022: Invited Special Guest. Newcastle Contemporary Art, at invitation of architect and University of Newcastle PhD candidate Sarah Ackland for Taking Space, which is part of the Matrix Feminist Design Collective. Premiered Pro-Perspirant Provocations
  13. 2022: Masterclass. With Mohammed Rashed, University of Oxford, Mind, Value and Mental Health: Philosophy and Psychiatry Summer School 2022 
  14. 2022: Panel. FUEL4Design: Future Education and Literacy for Designers, European consortium: Oslo School of Architecture and Design, Politecnico di Milano, Elisava, and Central St Martins UAL 
  15. 2022: Workshop. How to Thrive in 2050? By Pushing Forward with ‘Adult Themes’ Castlefield Gallery, Manchester  
  16. 2022: Speed-dates. With US Distinguished Professor of Neuroscience and Physiology Stephen Faraone (Institute For Human Performance, Upstate Medical University, NY) & Professor of Creative Practice Pedagogy Susan Orr (Pro Vice Chancellor Education De Montfort University) Attenborough Arts Centre Instagram live @attenboroughac
  17. 2021: Discussion. Crisis in Higher Education. A conversation with artists in ‘The World Is a Work in Progress’, Leicester UCU branch & former University staff
  18. 2021: Workshop. Postgraduate Research, Kingston School of Art, Kingston University 
  19. 2021: Artist’s Talk. Attenborough Arts Centre
  20. 2021: Keynote. European Network for higher arts education (ELIA, with 300,000 members of lecturers, educators, researchers, technicians, and students across 282 institutions in 48 countries Europe, N and S Americas, Australia and Asia 
  21. 2021: CPD. For 870 international mental health researchers and professionals for 14th International Conference on ADHD, Berlin, Germany
  22. 2021: Keynote & CPD. For 186 Association of Dyslexia Specialists in HE (ADSHE)
  23. 2021: Keynote. H0thouse, on a post-pandemic future via history of cinema. Singapore  
  24. 2021: Discussion. With Iniva, Wellcome et al, ‘Multicultural Art Institutions at Crossroads: Pressing Challenges by Centre for Creative Arts, Cultures & Engagement’, London Metropolitan University
  25. 2020: Discussion. With Ashokkumar Mistry. DNR_RND: Artist & Academic Kai Syng Tan. Disability Arts Online 
  26. 2020: Discussion. Neurodiversity and art. University Arts London Student Union 
  27. 2020: Discussion. On technology, art-making and political communication. Digital Dada Salon
  28. 2020: Seminar. On being an exceptional talent, for performance researchers and makers. Salford University
  29. 2020: Talk. On ‘artfulness’ for a post-pandemic world. Bunker Talks & MMU Summer Art School show
  30. 2020: Masterclass. for 5.9m Euro EU Horizon 2020 funded consortium of 17 partners from 8 European countries & US, ‘Ten Reasons to Collaborate with Neurodiverse & Creative Allies’ 
  31. 2020: Performance-Lecture. For 130 Fellows, ‘What could a neurodiversity-led 2050 look like? A manifesto’ Royal Society of Arts Virtual Coffeehouse Conversation: Neurodiversity & the Future of Work
  32. 2020: Keynote. Commissioned Solo Programme. ‘Be Ill-Disciplined’. Performingborders and Contact Theatre. Invited artist Ashok Mistry to chair. Part of Contact Theatre’s nomination for Manchester Cultural Award 2021 
  33. 2020: Discussion. Reimagining commissioning. What would the perfect commission look like? Unlimited & Bagri Foundation 
  34. 2020: Workshop. This is Not An Ally. On performative allyship. For senior staff from board of new music ensemble.  
  35. 2020: Performance-Lecture. This is Not An Ally. Manchester School of Art
  36. 2019: Keynote & Masterclass, Plymouth College of Art 
  37. 2019: Convenor, Chair. Sisterhood? NTU Centre for Contemporary Art, Singapore
  38. 2019: Keynote. 4th National Conference SOS Dyslexia in San Marino. Invitation by Professor Antonella Gagliano of Messina University, Professor Giacomo Stella, Director of Scientific Committee of the Conference
  39. 2019: Poster. Royal College of Psychiatrists International Congress 
  40. 2019: Performance-Lecture. Science Museum. Part of The Material Culture of Health Activism
  41. 2019: Performance-Lecture.  4th National Conference SOS Dyslexia in San Marino
  42. 2019: Performance-Lecture. Reading University. Invited by Prof of Social Pharmacy Kath Ryan 
  43. 2019: Discussion. Philosopher-psychiatrist Mohammed Rashed’s book launch. Institute of Advanced Studies, UCL
  44. 2019: Artist Statement & Image. Representing the Medical Body. Science Museum. London
  45. 2019: Performance-Lecture. Reading University. Invited by Prof of Social Pharmacy Kath Ryan  
  46. 2018: Open-Mic Performance, Chair. King’s Artists: New thinking, New Making. Bush House Arcade
  47. 2018  Performance. With Lois Bentley. MA Art & Science seminar, Central Saint Martins
  48. 2018 Workshop. King’s Undergraduate Medical Education in the Community Teacher Development. KCL
  49. 2018: Performance-Lecture. Discussion, Exhibition. Unlimited Festival, Southbank Centre
  50. 2018: Keynote. Understanding Neurodiversity in HE & Beyond. Kings College London. Video now used for training. Neurodiversity toolkit now used UK-wide
  51. 2018: Keynote, Convenor. Arts & Mobilities Inaugural Symposium. Centre for Mobilities Research, Lancaster Uni.
  52. 2018: Performance-Lecture. For Nursing BSc staff & students. Guy’s Hospital
  53. 2018: Discussion. Be There at The Start. Unlimited/Arts Admin. Attenborough Arts Centre
  54. 2018: Chair, Discussion. Art Workers’ Guild 
  55. 2018: Performance-Lecture. Third Museums for Health and Wellbeing Conference. Thinktank, Birmingham
  56. 2018: Performance-Lecture. Social, Genetic & Developmental Psychiatry (SGDP) seminar
  57. 2018: Co-Convener. PsychART 2018 conference for 170 delegates. Keynote: Stephen Fry 
  58. 2018: Discussion. Diversity and Inclusion, Disability History Month, KCL
  59. 2018: Performance-Lecture, Chair. 5th International European Network, Hyperkinetic Disorders. Edinburgh 
  60. 2018: Convenor, Chair. The Creative Researcher? Tactics for the Early Career Researcher. KCL with panel discussion
  61. 2017: Convenor. Monologue/Dialogues discussion. Koppel Gallery, London 
  62. 2017: Convenor. Talking Points. UCL Institute of Advanced Studies 
  63. 2017: Convenor, Chair. Mind Wandering: Worst Enemy or Best Friend? With Prof Philip Asherson, Prof Helen Chatterjee and others. SGDP, KCL 
  64. 2017: Performance-Lecture. PsychArt 2017. Supported by Royal College of Psychiatrists, on creativity & psychiatry
  65. 2017: Chair. On art+ ADHD UK Adult ADHD Network Congress
  66. 2017: Performance-Lecture. Hidden Projects (on invisible disability). Brighton Dome
  67. 2017: Performance-Lecture. Nordic Geographer’s Meeting. Geographies of Inequalities. University of Stockholm
  68. 2017: Convenor, Chair. Monologue/ Dialogues exhibition. Koppel Project
  69. 2017: Performance-Lecture. Mobilities, Literature and Culture Conference. Lancaster University
  70. 2017: Performance-Lecture. Singapore Open Media Art Festival 
  71. 2017: Art of Things Korea-Singapore media art forum. Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore
  72. 2016: Convener, Chair. RUN! RUN! RUN! Biennale 2016 #r3fest. Leeds Arts University, University College London, Cardiff Metropolitan University Indoor Stadium 
  73. 2016: Presenter. Beyond Interdisciplinarity: Situating practice in art-geography nexus. RGS-IBG Royal Geographical Society 
  74. 2016: Performance-Lecture. Royal Society for the Arts Fellowship Engage Series 2016. UK.
  75. 2016: Presenter. 3 posters. Museums for Health & Wellbeing Conf. Whitworth Gallery 
  76. 2015: Performance-Lecture. University of Helsinki at the invitation of Professor Sirpa Tani, Professor of Geography and Environmental Education. 2015: Invited Speaker. Anti-Festival Conference. Kuopio Academy of Design. Finland
  77. 2015: Speaker. ESRC-funded Running Dialogues. London
  78. 2015: Speaker. Running & Landscapes conference. Swedish Uni of Agricultural Sciences. Malmo
  79. 2015: Performance-Lecture. Association of American Geographers Annual Conference. Chicago, USA
  80. 2015: Performance-Lecture.  Anti-Festival Pecha Kucha. Pub Pannuhuone. Kuopio, Finland.
  81. 2015: Performance-Lecture. Running and Landscapes conference. Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. Malmo
  82. 2015: Being Human Festival. Leeds Arts University
  83. 2015: Discussion. Workshop at Feminisms, Power,Pedagogy: 10th Biennial Conference of Gender & Education Association 
  84. 2015: Chair. PhD by Design Conference. Leeds Arts University. UK. 
  85. 2015: Discussion. Fermynwoods Contemporary Arts. UK
  86. 2014: Performance. South East Asian Arts Festival. London
  87. 2014: Performance. Sensingsite. Central St Martins, UAL 
  88. 2014: Convener, Chair. RUN! RUN! RUN! International Festival of Running. Slade 
  89. 2014  Running & Creativity Workshop. Commissioned by UCL Art Museum
  90. 2014: Performance. UCL Art Museum. 
  91. 2013: Performance. PolyPly 24. Royal Holloway University. UK. 
  92. 2013: Performance. For Critical Studies MA. Topic: TRAND 5: Whatever Next? London 2013 & Beyond. Royal College of Art. Alongside Will Self, Iain Sinclair 
  93. 2012: Performance. European Art Research Network Conference. dOCUMENTA 13. 
  94. 2010: Performance. Luce Irigaray’s Sexuate Subjects: Politics, Poetics and Ethics. UCL
  95. 2010: Performance. Upgrade! Soft Borders New Media International Conference. Sao Paulo 
  96. 2010: Performance. Digital Research in Humanities & Arts Conference. Brunel University. Keynote: Stelarc.
  97. 2010: Performance. Off the Shelf Word & Image Festival. UCL 
  98. 2009: Keynote. For 2000 teachers & education experts. Art & Music Education Conference, Ministry of Education, Singapore
  99. 2009: Performance & Screening of new film. Human-Machine Relationships in 20-Century East Asia Conference, Oxford University
  100. 2007: Performance. Singapore Art Show. National Museum Singapore 
  101. 2006: Performance. 1) Round-table discussion. National Museum of Canberra. 2) Teaching of Art Practice Symposium, University of New South Wales. Sydney. 3) Museum of Sydney. Australia 
  102. 2005: Performance-Lecture. Making Music & Video in Real Time. Musashino Art University, Japan.  
  103. 2005: Performance-Lecture. Design Communications Department, Tama Art University. Tokyo, 
  104. 2004: Curator, Artist, Speaker, Performer, Moderator. Solo exhibition ISLANDHOPPING. ASK Gallery. Chaired discussion with Fluxus artist Takahiko Iimura, Tokyo, Japan
  105. 2004: Discussion. Twilight Tomorrow Conference. Singapore Art Museum 
  106. 2003: Discussion. Artists’ Night Vol. 3. Tokyo Wonder Site. Japan.
  107. 2003: Discussion. Asia Video Art Conference. Pola Annex Museum, Japan.
  108. 2002: Discussion. Yamagata in Tokyo: POST-FICTION!, Box Higashi Nakano, Tokyo Japan  
  109. 2001: Symposium. Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival. Japan
  110. 2001: Discussion. On Histories of Video Art. Earl Lu Gallery. With Song Dong. Singapore
  111. 1993: Artist’s Talk. LASALLE College of Art.