I enjoy playing with words and the written language as creative material. However, certain ‘standard’ approaches can present difficulty. Being dyslexic, academic writing and reading aren’t my mother tongue. Nonetheless, over the years, I have published 11 peer-reviewed journal articles, 7 book chapters and 5 books/edited volumes, often-times smuggling in tactics to undermine or irritate logocentric, didactic, linear and pedantic norms claiming objectivity and ‘truth’. I have also published 38 op-eds, reviews, catalogue entries and more on professional & popular platforms.¬†I am thus delighted to have signed not one but three book contracts recently – as author of monographs Neurofuturism: How to Thrive in 2050 (20,000 words, Springer Nature, circa Q1 2024), Catalysing Change Through Artful Agitation (70,000 words, World Scientific, Q1 2025), and as co-Editor of A Handbook of Neurodiversity and Creative Research (Taylor and Francis, Q1 2025). While distinct in their tone, case studies and market and reach, the books are interrelated and in dialogue with one another. Do step forward¬†if you are keen to find out more, help make them open access, and/or support in any way.

Circa Q1 2024: Neurofuturism: How to Thrive in 2050

  • With Springer Nature/Palgrave Macmillan (under Mobilities, Literature and Culture).
  • Monograph (20,000 words).
  • As author.
  • Following investigations through my BBC-film and Attenborough Art Centre installation, fine-tuning ‘neurofuturism’ as creative futurity framework through mobilities, culture and ‘neurodivergent creative research’.
  • Part of part of the Studies in Mobilities, Literature, and Culture series (editors: Aguiar Marian, Mathieson Charlotte, Pearce Lynne).
  • 16 chapters from A-Z, dis-ordered and bundled.
  • 16 images, including new artworks.
  • Hardback with E-book.

Circa Q1 2025: A Handbook of Neurodiversity and Creative Research

  • With Taylor & Francis/ Routledge (under Research Methods), which approached us in 2021.
  • Edited Collection (70,000 words).
  • As Co-Editor who will co-write the Introduction.
  • Also Co-Author of one of 9 chapters.
  • Pioneering book by/for/with neurodivergent creative practitioners and researchers as creative intervention into disability studies and silo-ed/non-linear modes of research.
  • Co-created with members of the global 370-person Neurodiversity In/& Creative Research Network.
  • 3 Acts of 9 chapters sandwiched by Foreword and Afterword.
  • 30 illustrations.
  • Hardback with E-plus book (embedding media).

Circa Q1 2025: Catalysing Change Through Artful Agitation: A new leadership praxis through creativity and neurodiversity 

  • With World Scientific (under Leadership, Arts and Education)
  • Monograph (70,000 words).
  • As author.
  • Reclaiming and re-imagining creative possibilities of ‘leadership’ by confronting gaps in leadership studies and practice through decolonised, anti-ableist, creative practice research, with new primary research.
  • 12 chapters. Structured around 9 ‘tentacles’ and 3 ‘hearts’, drawing on Tentacular Pedagogy via the octopus, with Introduction and Conclusion, Foreword and Afterword
  • 14 colour plates, including new artworks.
  • Hardback with E-book.