Official Selection, Arts and Humanities Research Council Research in Film Award 2019 . Premiered at the South London Gallery on 5 June 2018. Toured at Southbank Centre, Science Museum and NTU Centre for Contemporary Art (Singapore) amongst others.

Of wanderings and meanderings: physical, mental, affective. Flitting in and out of consciousness. Of legible images: travelling through the Canadian Rockies; fingers combing through a tapestry; a woman with a trolley bag wandering around London. Of images that are evocative, abstract, associative and coy: A water symphony? An angry feline desiring touch? Urban decay? Of deaths of cats get reincarnated? Or repetition and renewal? At once visceral and intellectually-intriguing, the film poem bypasses language and draws you in while also denying entry. It draws on themes and materials from the award-winning art-psychiatry commission We sat on a mat and had a chat and made maps! #MagicCarpet. 

Collaborators: Philip Tan (music) and Michael Tebinka (visual). Additional footage: Flanders Tapestry, Enamel Hoque, Marco Berardi and Martha McAlpine.

Caption for top image: of my 16mm film Brookfield Zoo 1996. Made when I was at the School of Art Institute of Chicago, this was in the Official Selection of the British Short Film Festival and screened at Empire Leicester Square.