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Cats are everywhere in my work. Since day one. Stray cats, cats in heat, cats that are cold, to me, cats with knotted fur, orgasmic cats, angry cats, cats that scratch, hiss, kiss, don’t miss you. Wandering cats, beckoning cats, nosey cats, interrupting cats, pixellated cats, cats drawn on iPad, vomiting cats. Cats in a Warhol drawing or Chris Marker film. Cats vomit the same, heartbreaking way, whether they are in Manchester or Singapore, Sao Paolo or Manila. They bend over, slightly, and make a sound, which hurts. Cats with bloated bellies cats with octopus arms, cats that die, because she was 17, maybe 16, who knows. She was angry, with me, I don’t know why. In the last days she vomited. She had a big floppy belly that we flapped about as she ran. Cats that scratch you because. Cats that die, and live again because they have nine lives, legendarily, and get weaved, spun, into meandering narratives.

#MagicCarpet: Gatecrashing the world of mind and brain sciences 07’19”

We Sat On A Mat and Had a Chat and Made Maps! #MagicCarpet (2017-2019)was an award-winning art-psychiatry commission, mentored by Professor of Psychiatry Philip Asherson.


MOBILITIES RESEARCH: I was Visiting Fellow (2017-2018) at Centre for Mobilities Research (Cemore), Lancaster University. This draws on my associated with Cemore since circa 2012, when I first…

Of Wandering and Meanderings 04’30”

Official Selection, Arts and Humanities Research Council Research in Film Award 2019 . Premiered at the South London Gallery on 5 June 2018. Toured at Southbank Centre, Science Museum and NTU Centre for Contemporary Art (Singapore) amongst others.

Cat(suit)s & Caring In The Time of Covid-19

03/2020: Struggling with social distancing and self-isolation? Here, put on my Catsuit. Meow.

Single Octopussy Seeks Artful Atypical Agile date to co-create hopeful 2050

Amid times of distress. we must give birth to hope. Let’s build new visions together and live happily ever after. Speed-date me. You will ask for more.

Exceptional Talent 01 :52:12

2020 version of Exceptional Talent, the State of Fun & Islands of After Death, on movement as a human right, which was first performed as a keynote-lecture at Peter Scott at the Inaugural Art & Mobilities Symposium 2018.

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