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My work in mobilities is extensive, pervasive, perpetual, as my body-mind-place shifts. I explore mobilities in relation to the body (running as an arts and humanities discourse; running studies, running artfully, plus some swimming, drowning, rolling, skipping and jumping), mind (ADHD, mind wandering, across neurodivergent creative research, arts-health and art-psychiatry), and all the entangled spaces between the body-mind and with other body-minds, in relation to place, borders, boundaries (physical, geopolitical, disciplinary, cultural, metaphorical, existential etc etc etc such as via concept of ‘islandhopping’). More generally I think about mobilities in relation to systems, and in resistance to social status quo.. My work in 2022 in mobilities includes 2 encyclopaedia entries for a peer-reviewed Handbook (Edward Elgar), a running and art anthology, and articulating ‘Tentacular Pedagogy’ which I first proposed at a Elia keynote (2021).

KEYNOTE: A ‘Tentacular Pedagogy’ to Lead 2050 for ELIA Academy

What should art schools change, so that we can lead change and thrive in, with and for the next generation? Since you asked me, I’ll recommend growing tentacles. This is my new keynote for Network for higher arts education with >300,000 members in 282 institutions in Europe, N and S Americas, and AustralAsia.

INNOVATION: 7 hours of Running Artfully

RAN reframes running as an artistic intervention to unpick our time of multiple global crises. At the 26 February Friday launch 10:00-17:00GMT, we presented 22 new insights into climate change, mental health, tech, inequality through running + art, poetry, theatre, sound and more by artists, poets, academics and more from UK and Europe.

R22 French radio 48’39”

This was an interview with R22: WEB RADIO OF THE ARTS AND COMMONS. I was interviewed with artist and Director of Fermynwoods Contemporary Art James Steventon.


MOBILITIES RESEARCH: I was Visiting Fellow (2017-2018) at Centre for Mobilities Research (Cemore), Lancaster University. This draws on my associated with Cemore since circa 2012, when I first…


This was an exhibition of eight works published in the Winter 2016 edition of Transfers Interdisciplinary Journal of Mobility Studies.

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