Kaidie’s 1000-Day Trans-Run was a large body of work created in association with my PhD research, The Physical and Poetic Processes of Running which included a 100,000 word thesis.

an the gamut of genres and medium including durational performance, film, performance-lecture, photography, GPS drawing, (social media) art and so on.which was my creative practice associated with my PhD research. This was a large body of work with different strands. Outputs include drawings, photographs, film, installations, blog posts, performance-lectures and critical texts. This was my first major work that used running. In fact, this was a 1000-day or roughly 3-year process through which I took up running as an exercise in order to research it. I framed this process of learning and embodying as a durational performance or live art. ‘Kaidie’ was the name I used to refer to myself during this period. I conceptualised the heroine – or, more accurately, anti-heroine – as someone who used running to challenge and transgress the world around her – hence ‘trans-run’ (2014). The city was one of my sites of intervention, and in my work this was called ‘Nondon’, which referred to London. Thus, another way to look at the tactics is that they have an element of autobiography, and/or draw on my first-hand experience using running as an everyday intervention.