Run run run. Hand in hand. Run into / with one another


Run run run. Hand in hand. Run into and run with one another. Created by Kai of the RUN! RUN! RUN! International Body for Research  June 2016 UK.  Dedicated to Europe and the world. 02:15


Amidst a volatile and hostile reality, (how) could we — as image-makers, researchers and ‘ordinary citizens’ –- create poetic/political/playful artistic interventions to celebrate difference?

This film highlights an example, a pilot experiment run in a festival in France. Inspired by how blind athletes and their guides run, Hand-in-Hand invited friends/strangers to share their dreams while running tethered together with a specially-designed ribbon. Running thus became a methodology/metaphor to subvert or ‘détourn’ antagonism into something creative – a ‘productive antagonism’.

Yet, more than a documentary, the film enacts the breathlessness of a sprint — sensations and meanings run/fly past. It walks the talk too, by performing the inspired/inspiring possibilities of running into difference — hence the jump cuts, wordplay and mad montage/sampling of disparate footage/sounds/sights. It also invites us to re-imagine other gestures/‘movements’ to mock/knock the toxic status quo.

So, run run run, hand-in-hand. It’s ‘harder’, but as co-runners we can create yet ‘stronger connections’.


Director, researcher, editor: Dr Kai Syng Tan FRSA

Sound director, composer: Philip Tan/Philbeat

Interviewer, interpreter, assistant: Richard Wright

Talents: Florent Cholat, Gilles Dubois, Taoufik Trouissi 

Translation: Florent Cholat, Dave Maliki, Mary Thorne

Support: Leeds College of Art

Additional footage: ANTI Festival (Pekka Mäkinen, Kim Saarinen), Robin Kang, Kleopatra Korai, Michael Larsson, Hayley Newman, Alan Latham, Annabeth Robinson, Dan Robinson, Philip Tan, Arleen Teo, Richard Wright, Yan Tuck Hong (Tuckys)      

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