I welcome new PhD and post-doctoral researchers, and/or PhD external examination opportunities, across diverse subject areas within and beyond the creative arts and humanities, especially in (but not limited to):

  • Innovative, inter-/transdisciplinary, inclusive thinking, making and change making, creative and liberal arts and humanities, teaching, research & knowledge exchange, collaboration and co-creation
  • EDI, particularly neurodiversity, disability, anti-racism & anti-colonialism
  • new, critical & creative modalities of leadership; diversifying and widening ‘leadership’; reframing leadership as EDI-centred creative practice
  • mobilities, borders, place & geopolitics
  • running as an arts & humanities discourse
  • neurodivergent leadership, EDI-centred and inclusive research and practice
  • Fine/visual art(s) – all medium, cultural/visual studies,
  • Public engagement; public/community art; socially-engaged art; art for social change; social art
  • Live/performance art
  • Curatorial research & practice
  • Art writing; writing as art
  • Arts-psychiatry, arts-health & art-science
  • Running as creative arts & humanities discourse
  • Film/video/media and locative art

Above: Get off My Seat (Kai Syng Tan 2021). From photograph by Enamul Hoque of #MagicCarpet Open Studio 2017.