Running Across Urgent Terrains is an article by the marvellously-named artist-researcher Gudrun Filipska in April 2021. This is her beautiful essay to reflect on the Running Artfully Network launch that took place in February 2021. It is a full-bodied, full-minded, multi-layered read. There are insights and new questions re the creative and critical possibilities of running in today’s complex world.

Gudrun Filipska is an artist, writer, researcher and founding and steering member of the collective (Arts) Territory Exchange. Her work considers the cultural and literary associations of journeying often aiming to re-configure these narratives to include, feminist and ‘other’ itinerant practices and offering counter positions to colonial and male-centric travel and mobility cultures. She is interested in the intersections between distance and proximity and the manifestations of co-presence which take place across these fields. She is currently undertaking a PhD under the ‘Transnationalism, Mobilities and Borders’ scholarship at Lancaster University.

The Running Artfully network (RAN) is a new international artist-led collective which brings artists, runners and social science and health experts together to reframe running as an artistic intervention to unpick our time of multiple global crisis and create a more equitable creative future. Read about its contexts here.

Above: Screenshot of part of Gudrun Filipska article on Fermynwoods Contemporary Art (April 2021)