UPDATE: I have withdrawn due to non-inclusivity of processes

I am invited speaker for the all-day Royal Institute of Philosophy Public Festival, at Home, Manchester, 28th September Wednesday. Ticketing details soon. I will also be co-authoring a chapter with long-term collaborator Dr Mohammed Rashed for the Royal Institute of Philosophy Supplementary Volume.

  • RIP: Since 1925 the Royal Institute of Philosophy has been dedicated to the advancement of philosophy. Each year RIP sponsors hundreds of free, open philosophy events, bring critical thinking to more than a thousand young people in schools, publish books, journals, and videos, and more. Bertrand Russell and Arthur James Balfour are some of the people associated with RIP.
  • RIP Festival: This one-day festival explores the philosophy of psychiatry and public mental health. It is delivered by Manchester Metropolitan University in partnership with The Mental Health Foundation, and is further sponsored by the International Network for Philosophy of Psychiatry and the Mind Association. 
  • Venue: Home is a centre for international contemporary art, theatre and film in Manchester, 2 Tony Wilson Pl, Manchester M15 4FN, UK.