A life-affirming conversation between David Olusoga and students of the BLM group from the Manchester School of Architecture. The juxtaposition of leading thinkers with students, who represent the next generation of leaders, is a key feature #PAC75, echoing how people who attended the 1945 congress went on to become leaders of African nations.
Closing ‘ceremony’ of #PAC75. We were standing in front of the new Arts and Humanities building on Oxford Road, and you can see the red plaque commemorating the 5th PAC. This still photo was taken by Evan Wilson. Left to right: Khadijah Diskin (Research Assistant, PhD candidate, Race Forum Co-Chair, Manchester Metropolitan University), Berrisford Edwards (Software Developer, Co-chairBAME Staff Network, The University of Manchester Library),  Professor Ola Uduku (PAC@75 Curator, Manchester School of Architecture, Manchester Metropolitan University), myself, Kwame Asamoah Kwarteng (General Secretary, Students’ Union, University of Manchester) and Dr Jade Munslow Ong (Lecturer, School of Arts, Media and Creative Technologies, University of Salford). 
This was a debate I chaired over the motion ‘How can we view our past African Socio-Political Histories and its link with African self-determination and development as a lens with which to view our contemporary post-pandemic future and its relationship to the demands of the BLM?’ It was co-ordinated by Ola Uduku and Berrisford Edwards. Invited Participants and Speakers: Dr Shirin Hirsch, Prof Gary Younge, Prof Farida Vis, Alnoor Mitha and others. Gary Younge, Professor of Sociology at the University of Manchester, gives a ten-minute reflection on the post-war context in which the conference took place, and the contradictions between the Allies’ euphoric claims that civilisation had won over barbarism and the colonial realities that were already under pressure.

#PAC75: The 75th Anniversary Celebrations of the 5th Pan African Congress in Manchester, Viewing the Past and Looking to the Future was a triumphant 4-day festival curated by Professor of Architecture, Ola Uduku of the Manchester School of Architecture. Led by Manchester Metropolitan University, this was in collaboration with 11 partners. Watch PAC@75 Youtube channel for some of the 18 events – please use for learning, teaching and research! The channel was created by Victoria Dahl of the Communications and Marketing team, and Ade Castronovo, Technical Projects Manager, both of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Manchester Metropolitan University. I was part of the organising team of #PAC75 in a role akin to that of a Creative Producer or Co-Curator.