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Don’t just sit and watch. Come walk the talk, or rather run the talk, or rather, RUN AND TALK and talk and run and talk and run and run and talk and talk and run run fun fun fun run run fun fun fun run run fun fun fun run run

YOU (if you have contributed to my runrunrun in the past 1000+++days) are INVITED

TO YOU, MY CO-RUNNER (ie everyone who has sponsored my run, written a (witty) comment on my wall, given me feedback on my images and raw disparate philosophisings+posturings+sproutingsofwisdomsandfollies, helped me to look for the meaning of life, etc etc contributed in 1 way or another to my work for the past 1000++ days):

YOU ARE INVITED to a private view at the Slade on 4 September 6-8pm Wednesday (no earlier no later while stocks last). This is an offline online world universe premiere of a 15 minute film I have made. PHWWOOOOAR. Original music by the wondrous PHILIP TAN.


The Slade website says: “Find the Slade on the north side of the UCL quad on Gower Street”. In (my) simple English, it means that once you enter the UCL compounds at Gower Street, look to your left and walk towards there, enter that building. And then find – and maybe enjoy or throw pebbles at – my film at the Lecture Room. See you soon.

Was THIS the Point Of It All???

1000 days of running (and panting, and swearing, and crying, screaming, growing old, dying, trans-migrating, coming back to life and then dying again and again, and farting about), and all it comes down to are these blue-cloth-bound-pieces of papers with 70,000 words and hundreds of pictures and a 15-minute film.

*INSET: the trans-running ambassador in a blurryflurry running to deliver said blocks of paper to her Examiners.

**It’s too premature for a tears-and-snort-wiping thank you speech (we may well get slaughtered and shredded to smithereens on viva day), but soon to come: a preliminary 42km-long list of THANK YOUs to those of you who have run with me.

***SAVE THE DATE (but don’t take my word yet! it’s tbc): Wednesday 4 September 2013, 6-8pm: A private-THANK-YOU-do-cum-new-film-premiere-screening for those of you who have been my supportive co-runner (I will old-fashionedly email you. If you don’t get that email, grab me, for I may have forgotten) (or it might mean that you are not invited…) (hoho) (no offense) (really)