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KAIDIE’S FINAL 40 DAYS: As Kaidie’s Forerunner CHRIS MARKER moves on, she too begins to pack her bag.

Beckoning cats. Film still from Chris Marker's Sans Soleil (1982).

Before Kaidie as Kaidie, her encounter with Chris Marker’s Sans Soleil in 1994 at the Everyman Cinema changed her world, for ever. Marker’s breathtaking cine-essay made her the restless being that she has been, and made her the trans-runner that she is today. As Kaidie prepares for her own death, Chris Marker’s death at the age of 91 has filled her with a mixture of ecstasy and sadness: will she run into him in her next lap? Chris Marker (1921-2012), rest in peace.

Obituary (2012)

* About Marker’s legacy on Kaidie (2011)

About Sans Soleil and Marker (1997)

KAIDIE’S FINAL 41 DAYS: The Sea Of Pinks of the Nondon Ambassadors

KAIDIE’S FINAL 42 DAYS: A ROUSING START to the Greatest Show On Earth (and the Trans-runner’s run-up beginning to her Big End)

The peasants are revolting, the world is revolving (and salutes to Sir Tim Berners-Lee).

THE COUNTDOWN BEGINS (Day 956, or the final 44 days of Kaidie’s run for her life)

(One of, or five of) Danny Boyle’s Secrets at the 2012 Nondon Opening Ceremony, which was Spectacular for Kaidie the Spectator and Near-Spectre. With these rings of fire, the 2012 Nondon Olympics opens, and Kaidie runs towards her dead-line.


Garmin GPS watch loaned to Kaidie by Urbantick; photo of Kaidie snapped by Trespasser.


Comings & goings, goings, gone: Save the surprise, says Danny Boyle. So, a pixellated prelude to Nondon 2012. What’s going to happen? (Image of the Nondon Ambassador by a [Pixellated] Trespasser)

A Photo of the Photo-finish in fool glory, in action, in situ

Thank you for attending the Private View of The Games – Inspiring Images at Connaught Brown on the 18th July 2012, at W1H 4SD in Nondon. Pictured here is the Kaidie’s 2012 Nondon Olympics Photo Finish in its fool glory, in action, in situ. To the left of the work is that by runner-artist Jun Nguyen Hatsushiba, and to the right is that by Jamaica’s Albert Chong. Kaidie is shot here, nearly photo-finished, with the director of the gallery, Mr. Anthony Brown. Edition one is sold, with Kaidie’s broken toe nail and all, and to be displayed in the living room of the buyer soon. 4 more to go / come your way. Hurry, bye one, get one (not free)!


Do come to the ‘Private View’ (in public view, so nothing to be shy about!) of Lens On Twelve, a photographic show in response to the 2012 Nondon Olympics, at the Connaught Brown Gallery at W1S 4HD in Nondon on 18 July 2012 Wednesday 18-20 hours. Kaidie proudly leads the ‘Singapore contingent’ for this International platform, although that is as big a deal as being world famous in New Zealand, of course. Kaidie shares a new digital collage, that captures her on the cusp of reaching the finishing line, of which is not depicted as it has been croppppppped of in this picture shown above, and also in the one shown in the exhibition. Pity, that. So how indeed will Kaidie end, end, in the end, at the end of the day? Only time will tell. Hush. Slushhhhhhh. And flush. Until the next cycle.

I hope to run into you. See you later (or sooner) (said than done) (deal). But don’t just turn up. Please RSVP I can say my ‘Good Buys’ there and then.

**2012 May 30: Recorded version of performance-lecture at the Centre for Mobilities Research, Lancaster University**

This is a recorded version of a performance-lecture presented at the Lancaster University’s Sociology department’s for Centre for Mobilities Research Annual Research Day, 30 May 2012. Present at the session was the Distinguished Professor John Urry. Professor Monica Buscher made 3 inspiring presentations. The conference was hosted by the wonderful Professor Colin Pooley. Music, as usual, by the indefatigable longtime collaborator Philip Tan.