In Search of A/The Point of Life



Click top picture for a run-down of Kaidie’s run! Click bottom picture to run with Kai 2014! See video below for a fun summary!

3rdlifekaidie – and all the related brandings (ahem) – was created by Kai Syng Tan as part of her practice-related Fine Art doctorate research conducted at the Slade School of Fine Art 2009-2013 as a University College London and National Arts Council (Singapore) scholar. Together with a 70,000 word written thesis, the work examines some of the physical and poetic processes of running, and proposes that running may be mobilised as a playful medium to re-orientate the way we relate to the world today. Kai named her ‘new’ way of running ‘trans-running’. Her intention was to introduce running as a topic and creative approach to the art world, so that artists, curators, art writers and thinkers may explore it in their practice and/or research. The thesis itself can be understood as an example of how running may function as a rewarding field of study to a researcher who is also an artist. This blog features ‘Kaidie’, a ‘trans-runner’ who runs to search for a Monty Pythonesque Meaning of Life. To play Kaidie, Kai had had to pick up running first hand. (Implicit in this was also a critique of people who sit around in their ivory towers and crap out theories, or artists who are too precious to sweat. But of course all these salient points were elegantly and very maturely argued in the written thesis.) Along with Kai/Kaidie’s other exploits on Web 2.0, documents Kaidie’s As of October 2013, which was after Kai passed her PhD viva, this blog has not been updated anymore. But this does not spell the end of the research – on the contrary Kai is now more free to run, and to run with her thesis on running!!! Well, come see for yourself.

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