In Search of A/The Point of Life


The 1000-days that has been WAAAY overrun, has FINALLY finished its run (fun fun and fun run run). For now.

Should you fly Ryanair (or Easyjet, for that matter, I’m not so fussy) and come to a situation in which you (or, if you are unable to, someone, on your behalf) ask ‘is there a doctor in the house?’, I’ll be there. For you. To heal you. By holding your (cold? blue?) hands in your final moments and telling you all about my (rather fine) fine art doctorate research. Having passed my PhD viva (so its time to pass pass pass out not yet but pass pass pass the motion and baton) on the 15th October (during which I did a performance-lecture with my prezi for my examiners, curator Mr Peter Ride and geographer or rather jog-rapher Dr Alan Latham who researches about running and who runs – and runs very very well too, followed by an interactive running-discourse during which I ran with my examiners and I have been told that this was the first time that examiners [were ‘made’ to] run during a viva), I am now officially an Unemployed Lady of Leisure. Anyone looking for a Companion to Eat Coffee and Drink Cookies and Smell The Roses (be warned! keep your nose away from the thorns or else they get pricked and punctured with tiny little holes!!) and Run Slowly With Pet Tortoises and Stand By The Road Side To Curse At Big Fat Addison Lee Drivers Who Bully Bike Riders, I’ll be there. Where ever there is.

(And with so much time on my hands and knees and toes I’m there already). (Run run run at the auto-fun, run run run at the auto-fun.) (OOooh Krafty kraft cheesy cheese.) (Rhyming to death to kill time.)

Picks of the pics of the wickwhackwhop breathtakingly breathless week of eventful events

As Autumn replaces the heatwave (of course it was too good to be true of course yummy things never ever last) and as we close of a breathless week of events (I say ‘breathless week of events’ but you know very well that I am referring to a miniscule interactive performance and a private, private view – sounds bit rude? – held on the 3rd and 4th of September, here are some images for my Posterior’s I mean Posterity’s sake (for fuxake, who on googleearth is this ‘Posterity’ and why have I never met her/him/them yet??).

Top: Sporting (THAT’S THE SPIRIT!) participants Liz Bruchet, Kay Tabernacle and Richard Wright are seen running for their lives as hunters/prey in the interactive performance, when Liz is not trying to trip me (or steal my ipad), that is. These are merely 3 of the participants I have filmed. There were several thousand more participants but I have graciously decided not to expose their identities. (3 is still an improvement from my consistent record of screening my work to a grand total of 2 peopleĀ  – 1 being the curator who’s invited me, the other being the technician. No, I have not counted myself in, as even, or especially I cannot stomach my own work).

Below: I pose with flowers or rather a ring of thorns or rather a bunch of shrubs or rather a cluster of chards courtesy of sweet Ben Graham and Christina Petrie. Also in the picture is Francis Marshall, as well as a statue at the Slade, and James Odling-Smee. The latter has been one of my best reader/online collaborator/co-producer (see here, there and there for just 3 out of the many many examples of his different levels of input) in the 1000 (++++) days of trans-running (no I have not conceptualised a new brand of running exclusively for transgendered people, nor am I aligning it with trans-fat) – but we ran into each other at the evil Facebook so this was the very 1st time we meet face to face, offline in meatspace. Of course James was so gracious and made all the right noises about the film I premiered – but that was why he, as well as all the other people invited to my Private, Private View, were invited at all. Thank you all for coming. There are many many more people I need to thank and a proper list will come after mid-October. Promise.

*Photos in which Kai appears are taken by Richard Wright. Many thanks to Liz, Kay, Richard, Ben, James, Chrisina and Francis. Many thanks to the Slade School of Dine Art for hosting me at the Summer Residency.

** Come join me as I run a walk on ‘Art & Society’ at the Bloomsbury Festival I am on on Saturday 19th October 3:15-4:45, and on Sunday the 20th, my tour is at 10:45-12:15. If that’s a tad too early for you lazybones on a Sunday you are welcome in your pjs. That afternoon circa 2pm come join me and my friends, if you are so inclined, to deposit your posteriors on the grass patch at Russell Square and have a pick-nit I mean picnic I mean some kind of a grass-based event insofar as the Nondon Autumn allows it. Food and drinks not provided (buy your own from the Festival!), but charm and wit are aplenty.

Don’t just sit and watch. Come walk the talk, or rather run the talk, or rather, RUN AND TALK and talk and run and talk and run and run and talk and talk and run run fun fun fun run run fun fun fun run run fun fun fun run run

YOU (if you have contributed to my runrunrun in the past 1000+++days) are INVITED

TO YOU, MY CO-RUNNER (ie everyone who has sponsored my run, written a (witty) comment on my wall, given me feedback on my images and raw disparate philosophisings+posturings+sproutingsofwisdomsandfollies, helped me to look for the meaning of life, etc etc contributed in 1 way or another to my work for the past 1000++ days):

YOU ARE INVITED to a private view at the Slade on 4 September 6-8pm Wednesday (no earlier no later while stocks last). This is an offline online world universe premiere of a 15 minute film I have made. PHWWOOOOAR. Original music by the wondrous PHILIP TAN.


The Slade website says: “Find the Slade on the north side of the UCL quad on Gower Street”. In (my) simple English, it means that once you enter the UCL compounds at Gower Street, look to your left and walk towards there, enter that building. And then find – and maybe enjoy or throw pebbles at – my film at the Lecture Room. See you soon.