In Search of A/The Point of Life


Do come to the ‘Private View’ (in public view, so nothing to be shy about!) of Lens On Twelve, a photographic show in response to the 2012 Nondon Olympics, at the Connaught Brown Gallery at W1S 4HD in Nondon on 18 July 2012 Wednesday 18-20 hours. Kaidie proudly leads the ‘Singapore contingent’ for this International platform, although that is as big a deal as being world famous in New Zealand, of course. Kaidie shares a new digital collage, that captures her on the cusp of reaching the finishing line, of which is not depicted as it has been croppppppped of in this picture shown above, and also in the one shown in the exhibition. Pity, that. So how indeed will Kaidie end, end, in the end, at the end of the day? Only time will tell. Hush. Slushhhhhhh. And flush. Until the next cycle.

I hope to run into you. See you later (or sooner) (said than done) (deal). But don’t just turn up. Please RSVP I can say my ‘Good Buys’ there and then.


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