In Search of A/The Point of Life

The 1000-days that has been WAAAY overrun, has FINALLY finished its run (fun fun and fun run run). For now.

Should you fly Ryanair (or Easyjet, for that matter, I’m not so fussy) and come to a situation in which you (or, if you are unable to, someone, on your behalf) ask ‘is there a doctor in the house?’, I’ll be there. For you. To heal you. By holding your (cold? blue?) hands in your final moments and telling you all about my (rather fine) fine art doctorate research. Having passed my PhD viva (so its time to pass pass pass out not yet but pass pass pass the motion and baton) on the 15th October (during which I did a performance-lecture with my prezi for my examiners, curator Mr Peter Ride and geographer or rather jog-rapher Dr Alan Latham who researches about running and who runs – and runs very very well too, followed by an interactive running-discourse during which I ran with my examiners and I have been told that this was the first time that examiners [were ‘made’ to] run during a viva), I am now officially an Unemployed Lady of Leisure. Anyone looking for a Companion to Eat Coffee and Drink Cookies and Smell The Roses (be warned! keep your nose away from the thorns or else they get pricked and punctured with tiny little holes!!) and Run Slowly With Pet Tortoises and Stand By The Road Side To Curse At Big Fat Addison Lee Drivers Who Bully Bike Riders, I’ll be there. Where ever there is.

(And with so much time on my hands and knees and toes I’m there already). (Run run run at the auto-fun, run run run at the auto-fun.) (OOooh Krafty kraft cheesy cheese.) (Rhyming to death to kill time.)


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