In Search of A/The Point of Life

Was THIS the Point Of It All???

1000 days of running (and panting, and swearing, and crying, screaming, growing old, dying, trans-migrating, coming back to life and then dying again and again, and farting about), and all it comes down to are these blue-cloth-bound-pieces of papers with 70,000 words and hundreds of pictures and a 15-minute film.

*INSET: the trans-running ambassador in a blurryflurry running to deliver said blocks of paper to her Examiners.

**It’s too premature for a tears-and-snort-wiping thank you speech (we may well get slaughtered and shredded to smithereens on viva day), but soon to come: a preliminary 42km-long list of THANK YOUs to those of you who have run with me.

***SAVE THE DATE (but don’t take my word yet! it’s tbc): Wednesday 4 September 2013, 6-8pm: A private-THANK-YOU-do-cum-new-film-premiere-screening for those of you who have been my supportive co-runner (I will old-fashionedly email you. If you don’t get that email, grab me, for I may have forgotten) (or it might mean that you are not invited…) (hoho) (no offense) (really)


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