In Search of A/The Point of Life

As we turn 10-months old, we ask: ARE YOU ALIVE (too)? ENTER QUIZ NOW! LIFE QUIZ B.

Of course, I would love to meet all of you out there, and most of all, YOU, yes YOU! But please understand that I can’t quite do that, much as I would love to (yes, believe me, for real). So the best space and time where we can come together is here. FILL THIS UP AND SUBMIT TO KAIDIE, NOW! There are more than 5 different quizzes. Do complete them all! And you can fill up as many as you wish. I will publish the most interesting ones! THOSE WITH THE BEST ANSWERS WILL WIN A SPECIAL, SECRET PRIZE FROM KAIDIE!

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  1. 3rdlifekaidie

    Thank you all for your responses so far! This is a set of answers we received from ‘llEYYEll’! THANK YOU VERY MUCH llEYYEll for this!

    Q1) I would be all of them simultaneously. Individualism is over-rated. That would also resolve the 21st century’s gender issues.

    Q2)All I could ask for now is for a way for the trans-dimensional realm(s) of the imagination to be more conveniently manifest.accessible in our mundane reality. This would include accessing all known super-powers simultaneously.

    Q3) Meet you (Kaidie) in this mundane realm and merge into all the known superheroes together.

    Q4) I have always dreamed of bringing the “fantasy” of one realm more directly into the “reality” of another.

    Q5) I would become who I am really am (and who you are too), everything/being all at once.
    Does this count as a reinvention?

    Q6) Kaidie has all possible traits simultaneously. Kaidie is an infinite personality.
    However, on mundane terms, Kaidie should acknowledge more of her personalities during her role-play in any given reality.

    Q7) The ability to reveal (confess to) other selves.

    Q8) Believing that only Kaidie and Nondon are real at this present time. Hmmm..on second thoughts…

    Q9) Individual level = beyond words and understanding. Metaphysical level = exactly what Kaidie thinks.

    Q10) Merge with me and all the other Superbeings on your journey. Kaidie’s key to happiness is this.

    Oct 14, 2010 @ 08:53


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