In Search of A/The Point of Life

RUNDOWN (as of June 2010)

Hello world. We are Kaidie, a trans-dimensional runner. We look for The/A Meaning of Life 3.0, by running for 1000 days across Life 1.0 (the primary world — including the city that we live in, Nondon, UK), Life 2.0 (the realm of imagination, as well as realities made possible by Web 2.0), Life 3.0 (the hybrid, mixed and augmented realities made possible by Web 3.0) as well as Life 4.0 (‘Web 4.0? and other future technologically-enabled realities, as well as other cycles of our lives to come, in the form of transmigration). Would you give us a hand on our quixotic quest? Whether we succeed or not, we must die on the last day of the Nondon Olympics, so hurry! Be our running buddy, write in, share with us ideas/images/sounds/thoughts. Let us take us for a heavenly hell of a rollercoaster ride of our lifetime(s) – come with us, go for it, live this Life as if the last, it is now or never, let go, trust us, believe us, we dare you. Let us have the best run of our Lives, every Life.

One cosmology of this multiverse. Kaidie’s mandala/map/running tracks as of June 2010.

The work of artist/art curator/art educator Kai Syng Tan has been shown in more than 45 cities (Guangzhou Triennale, Biennale of Sydney, ICA London, Yamagata Internetional Documentary Film Festival). Kai Syng has won several awards (SFIFF merit award, Young Artist Award, Most Promising Young Artist Award aged 18), residencies (NIFCA, Japan Foundation) and grants. She is an advisor in a panel at the Media Development Authority of Singapore. For 7 years she was also a digital arts consultant and film lecturer, and ran a Video Art degree programme in an art university. Trained in Tokyo (MA in Fine Art, Excellence Award, Distinctions, top student, Musashino Art University), Chicago (School of Art Institute) and London (BA in Fine Art, 1st class Honours, top student, Slade School of Fine Art) on full scholarships, Kai Syng is currently a PhD researcher at the Slade School of Fine Art on scholarships from University College London and the National Arts Council of Singapore.

Kai Syng’s interdisciplinary work (performance, cine-essay, installation, text et al) examines the notion of ‘reality.’ In one of her previous lives, she had done this by viewing the world through a self-reflexive video camera of a restless tourist/traveller and had been named ‘one of Singapore’s foremost video artists’ (Dr Eugene TAN, 2007, in Contemporary Art In Singapore. Eds NADARARAJAN G, STORER, R. & TAN, E. Institute of Contemporary Arts. Singapore. 142.) Her current research, A Rough Guide To The Meaning of A Life 3.0: Kaidie’s Transdimensional 1000-day Run 12.12.2009 – 09.09.2012, is conducted as part of her PhD research at the Slade School of Fine Art, University College London, UK. Kai Syng’s written thesis, entitled (Trans-dimensional) Running for Our Lives! A Rough Guide, proposes the critical strategy of trans-dimensional running as a means of navigation and negotiation of our 21st century multiverse. Kai Syng’s studies are funded on scholarships from the University College London and the National Arts Council of Singapore.


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