I. Step Up the Game
II. Step into the Unknown 
III. Step Away from Comfort Zones 
IV. Embrace Errors 
V. Take Risks
VI. Play
VII. Change Culture 
VIII. Break Locks and Challenge Gatekeepers 
IX. Be Athletic 
X. Be a Running Post(hu)man
XI. Be Promiscuous 
XII. Not All Dead White Men 
XIII. Be Ill-Disciplined 
XIV. Embrace Athletes of Creativity   
XV. Be Happy With The Unfinished  

This is my manifesto for neurodiversity and inclusion circa 2019. It draws on a masterclass I delivered for staff at Plymouth College of Art on 25 June 2019 at the invitation of the visionary Sally Hall, who was Inclusive Environments Project Lead there. See gallery and feedback here. The manifesto is articulated as a book chapter Entitled ‘Ill-Disciplined: Creative, Neurodivergent Intervention and Leadership in Higher Education – A Manifesto’, for the book Beyond Borders? Articulations, provocations and performativities in Arts & Humanities research, which explores the spaces, places and territories that exist above and below, amidst and with/out borders in Arts & Humanities research and is edited by Jacqueline Taylor et al (Birmingham City University).

Caption: Working with colleagues at Plymouth College of Art.