Here are 5 Masks for the 21st Century Artful Agitator that I made in December 2020. FOR FUXAKE WEAR A MASK, TO PROTECT OTHER PEOPLE. No one is safe unless and until the most vulnerable are, as WHO states.

I was commissioned by Fermynwoods Contemporary Arts to create a mask. So here is my set of 5, which are Masks for the 21st Century Artful Agitator series. The red one is available for sale. Each contains bits of my body parts and phrases in a font that I have created. They all refer to catalysing change through art processes and relate to recent op-eds written over Summer 2020 of discontent, including in the Royal Society of Arts blog post on the need to be ‘artful, atypical and agile‘, on ArtsProfessional on ‘artful leadership‘, as well as being ‘ill-disciplined‘, all of which are well-covered on this website too.