Neurodiversity is a hidden issue — and resource — in Higher Education. >15% of the UK population and >30% art and design students are neurodivergent (with ‘atypical’ learning and communications modes, including dyslexia, autism, ADHD – as did Leonardo Da Vinci). It is Disability History Month and this article was published by Manchester Metropolitan University. As its ‘Disabled Staff Role Model’, I talked about being a neurodivergent academic, setting up an international Network for 210 other neurodivergent academics and allies, and how I spent 12 hours to write 160 words in a form. Comments from colleagues were positive (below).

The published article is an abridged version from a longer, original one. Writing this article was one of a few activities I participated in for Disability History Month 2020. On 2nd December, I was part of an online panel addressing 65 students on neurodiversity at the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience, and on 8th December, I also addressed art students at University Arts London (below). I spoke with Activities Officer, Eleanor and Campaigns Officer, Yasmeen.