I enjoy playing with words and the written language as creative material. However, certain ‘standard’ approaches can present difficulty. Being dyslexic, academic writing and reading aren’t often a good fit. Nonetheless, over the years, I have published 11 peer-reviewed journal articles, 7 book chapters and 10 books/edited volumes, oftentimes applying tactics to irritate logocentric, didactic, linear tropes claiming objectivity and ‘truth’ in academia. I have also published 37 op-eds, reviews, catalogue entries and more on professional & popular platforms. For what others have written/said about me (with me and/or behind my back), click here. For the rest of my CV, click here.    

  • Accepted, in progress: Tan, KS 2024?,  ‘Ill-Disciplined: Creative, Neurodivergent Intervention and Leadership in Higher Education – A Manifesto’, in J Taylor (ed), Beyond Borders? Articulations, provocations & performativities in Arts & Humanities research
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  • Under contract 01/2023 with World Scientific: Tan, KS 2027. Catalysing Change Through Artful Agitation.
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