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How are you enjoying the festivities, my Dear Readers?

This morning I took a hard look at myself at the mirror. I quite like my current formation as a hamster – I quite enjoyed being a cockroach as well, both of which are fabulous for going undercover, but I am also exhausted of only being vertically-challenged all the time. (For instance, what in gods’ names gives short men the right to chat up short women as if they are godsends, as if I should be ever so grateful for meeting someone of a physical formation [sic] that I could crush with the tip of my little toe?! Kaidie is a 3rdlifer, for chrissake, and is adamantly against smalltownprovincial incest, inbreeding and any sort of breeding. Have you forgotten that Kaidie is  a perfectly globalised cosmopolitan of metropolitan Nondon? Get out of my way shorties, let Kaidie mingle with all the other species, formations, forms, lifeforms and non-life forms out there.)

So, what should I become next? I pondered for a while… When in Rome, surely I should do as the Romans do. When in Nondon, surely I should do as Nondeners do. What better way to soak up the atmosphere than to be a sponge! But what size should I go for? A 1.57m kitchen sponge does not quite make a strong enough visual presence as a 157m one. So voila, I’ve made the transition. In order not to confuse you, my Dear Reader, for my continually refreshing renewals, renovations and reinventions, I created a diagramme for your kind reference. (My hamster formation is a few pixels, right at the left side of the diagramme, actually, can you spot it? ) As you can see, I have coloured myself in my favourite pink to try to add some neon glamour to the festive occasion. In addition, in order not to commit the frequent superhero fashion faux pas, I have dyed my square pants the same #ff02d8 shade as the rest of my body. Don’t you think this is a most fabulous getup for me to visit Frafalgar Square, the Nondon-I and the New Year’s Day Parade! How do you like it?

* PS THANK YOU my Facebook friends Breda and Vassili for your kind advice! *

* If YOU have any suggestions as to what (and when) I could become next, do SHOUT!*


Kaidie finally meeting her match in Nondon.

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  1. AnalogueAna

    hi Kaidie happy new year

    Nice pink! but im a naturalist and naturist. how can i attain this shade with non-digital means?

    Analogue Ana
    (you can call me AA)

    Jan 02, 2010 @ 13:15

  2. 3rdlifekaidie

    Hi AA,
    Happy new year to you too. Thanks for the compliments. Keep them coming! A non-digital means to get an all-over pink is to eat beetroots – one of my favourite vegetables in Nondon! Have some, and your teeth, lips, pee, faeces, fingers, hair, eyes, eyeballs all get stained. Yummy! Eat 5 (£1, organic, from your local Pescos) and you get a nice #ff02d8. A most natural dye.
    Good luck!
    x Kaidie

    PS Is it not too cold this time of the year be a naturist?

    Jan 04, 2010 @ 17:39


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