MASTERCLASS: Why should scientists work with creative & neurodiverse allies, now? Lecture & Masterclass commissioned for the 2020 CoCA Annual Meeting. scheduled for 17/3/2020 at Frankfurt University Hospital. Read transcript here. See slideshow here. Watch recorded video clip of presentation here. Contact me to work together.

CoCA: Commissioned for the 2020 CoCA Annual Meeting. CoCA (Comorbid Conditions of ADHD) is a world-leading EU Horizon 2020 funded (50m Euro) consortium that studies the comorbidity between the most frequent psychiatric conditions relating to ADHD. The highly multi- and interdisciplinary consortium comprises 17 partners from 8 European countries (Germany, Netherlands, UK, Estonia, Norway, Spain, Sweden, and Denmark) and the US. The partners have expertise in child, adolescent and adult psychiatry and in-depth knowledge on clinical studies, exercise, the circadian system, experimental medicine, mobile health applications, public health interventions, data integration, statistics, bioinformatics, genetics, machine learning, and epidemiology.

Caption: Slide from slideshow available here.