CHASING THRILLS & CHEAP KILLS: Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is popularly associated with being easily distracted. Its other features, such as out of the box thinking, hyperfocus, novelty-chasing and risk-taking are associated with leadership traits and increasingly researched. Brisk/Risks was an engaging open mic event exploring risk-taking within and beyond the framework of ADHD and mind wandering – and itself involving some element of risk-taking as it invites anyone to step forward to share their own stories of chasing thrills. Those who did step forward include ADDISS Chief Executive Founder and President of ADHD Europe Andrea Bilbow OBE as well as Jaye Braithwaite, a ‘Creative, Tourettist and Teaching Assistant’, and was curated by myself.  It was part of #MagicCarpet, which was a art-psychiatry practice-led research programme (2017-2019).

ACCESS: Read transcript of opening provocation here. Read reflections on the open-mic and film here. Watch short film version here.

Caption: Andrea Bilbow at Brisk/Risks. Still from film by Studio Maba.